Piano Stairs

by / Wednesday, 01 March 2017 / Published in Piano Tuning NJ

Piano Stairs: If only things like this could happen on a daily basis.

Recently stumbled upon a video put together by a group in Sweden, who transformed a regular old set of cement stairs into a piano. The ‘experiment’ itself was in relation to something called “the fun theory,” where the idea was to create something out of the ordinary, and fun, and see how people react to.

Each time someone touches one of the steps, it plays a tone. It didn’t take long for people to start having a lot of fun with it, and choosing the stairs instead of the escalator right next to it. In fact, by the time the stairs were changed back to normal, they discovered that 66 percent more people ended up using them than the escalator, which isn’t exactly a common practice.

Of course, this is just one example of what that “fun theory” could entail – the possibilities are endless, but do you think there’s something about a piano, no matter how it’s displayed, that takes us back to childhood, or gives us the freedom to let go, and have fun? Some people who play (especially kids) may have a hard time keeping up with practice, but when it comes alive in the real world, it because an entirely different story, and everything we knew and have learned comes flooding back to us all at once.

How amazing is that feeling?

By Richard Ziss, Registered Piano Technician


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